Strategy first, words second. Uncover the depths of your brand’s voice to strengthen your calls-to-action and refine your brand story.

Brand Voice

Your brand has something unique to say and your audience is keen to listen! Share your brand’s personality, attitude, and values.


Accelerating the impact of your brand’s communications through original, imaginative, and attention-grabbing words and the expansion of ideas.


Stories are impactful. Stories live on. Stories are emotional. Stories are engaging. Stories are interactions between your audience and your brand. What’s your story?

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Here is a small sample of the entrepreneurs, small businesses, and agencies I’ve collaborated with…

Social Media Management + Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Content Creation; Content Curation; Copywriting; Content Writing; Editing; Lead Generation; Reputation Management

Social Media Copy Creation + Strategy; Content Marketing Strategy; Content Creation; Content Curation; Copywriting; Blog Creation; Lead Generation; Reputation Management; Account Management

Social Media Management; Content Writing; Copywriting; Editing; Website Copy; Consulting

Long-Form Articles; Content Writing; Copywriting; Editing

Social Media Management; Copywriting; Content Curation; Editing

Content Marketing; Copywriting; Content Writing; Editing Database Management; Resource Management; Lead Generation

Copywriting; Long-Form Articles; Ghostwriting; Content Promotion; Editing

Direct Response LinkedIn + Email Message Sequences; LinkedIn Profiles; Editing; Consulting; Content Strategy; Lead Generation; Account Management

Direct Response LinkedIn Message Sequences; LinkedIn Profiles; Editing

Direct Response LinkedIn + Email Message Sequences; LinkedIn Profiles + Company Pages; Editing; Consulting; Content Strategy

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    Kiana Lewis, owner and principal at KLFIT2WEB has 12+ years experience in the web/social media industry. Working in various industries, including B2B, mobile tech, health/fitness, and hospitality, Kiana sought to fulfill a need within those industries. Thus, KLFIT2WEB was born. KL FIT2WEB is a digital marketing agency helping entrepreneurs and small businesses meet their business and marketing goals through leveraging and using the power of WORDS.
    Have questions? Interested in one or more of my services? Just want to chat about the weather and the state of social media? Shoot me a note or schedule a time to chat!
    I work on a per project or hourly basis.
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